"Our guiding principle is ingrained in our name:
to execute Quality projects, within Budget and on Schedule... QBS."

QBS is classed Grade A with the Central Tenders Committee and the Public Works Authority of the State of Qatar. We are constantly striving to get it done right the first time, safely and with minimum environmental impact.

About QBS Construction

QBS Construction WLL was initially established in the State of Qatar as QBS International WLL.


Under the stewardship of Sheikh Ali bin Hamad K A Al Thani QBS quickly emerged as one of the leading national Qatari contractors operating in the infrastructure construction market delivering over 1 Billion Qatari Riyals in construction works within 5 years after its establishment.

Today, QBS continues to honor its heritage and nationality by applying innovative means and methods to the infrastructure construction works it undertakes as it contributes to the realization of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Director's Message

“Our organization was founded on the belief, confirmed by decades of experience, that qualification based selection in the procurement of construction services produces the best overall outcomes for all parties involved. In open market driven economies, implementing this philosophy is not without its challenges for both the public authorities buying these services and the established contractors competing for them. Notwithstanding these challenges, QBS has been a badge of distinction for us, permeating every aspect of our operation, creating success for our clients and for us as a business.
Therefore when we are faced with a choice, we always look at the big picture to ascertain, through careful calculation, which of the choices before us will produce the best long-term outcome all things considered. Our people know this first hand in the way we hire, our supply chain partners know this from our commitment to their brands and our clients know this from the way we help them navigate the challenges that arise on the projects we deliver.
This approach, coupled with diligence, hard work and foresight is our winning formula, that allows us to confidently deliver, time after time, Quality projects, within Budget and on Schedule.”




Here in Qatar, where most of the excavation is in limestone of variable hardness, different conditions require different approaches. QBS uses ‘cutting edge’ premium technology and optimized equipment arrangements to ensure efficient and timely progress of its bulk and trench excavation activities to achieve the required production within the Project’s budget.



From deep services to shallow utilities, QBS has successfully implemented thousands of kilometers of pipelines and ducts of various specifications for different governmental end-users and helped value-engineer solutions to complex transmission challenges. The construction of these services along with their inspection chambers are done in house by specialized teams from hoisting and rigging to jointing and welding. Our strong relationships with the manufacturing end of the supply chain help us create value for our clients by allowing us to incorporate premium materials in these networks at economically viable rates.



QBS operates its own certified concrete batching facilities to ensure quality and maintain timely delivery. We have specialized teams of tradesman for both precast and in-situ casting of structures as required or as is more suitable for the particular application.



As a public works contractor, QBS relies on the National Transport Office in compliance with its governmental contracts. For all other material transport needs, QBS relies on its fleet of tippers and tipper trailers to efficiently move bound and unbound aggregates and various specialized transport vehicles for hauling all other required materials to and within our sites.



QBS operates its own asphalt batching facilities to ensure quality and maintain timely delivery. Our laying teams are regimented and specially trained and retrained on our state-of-art laying equipment that are capable of laying everything from bituminous asphalt bike lines to six-lane highways.



As a public works contractor, QBS is called upon from time to time to implement and construct high-security surveillance and perimeter security road furniture. We have long-standing experience incorporating these measures in our projects and working with the local authorities and accredited manufacturers under special security guidelines.



Many of these projects have incorporated power transmission and distribution networks for both HV and LV systems and sewage handling and treatment stations accessory to the transmission network. Certain elements of these specialized works including transformers, switchgear, lift stations, etc. are handled by an affiliated specialized company.



Many of these projects have incorporated power transmission and distribution networks for both HV and LV systems and sewage handling and treatment stations accessory to the transmission network. Certain elements of these specialized works including transformers, switchgear, lift stations, etc. are handled by an affiliated specialized company.



From high mast to decorative poles, irrigation to exotic trees, brick pavers to rare granite, QBS has done it all. We have established specialized affiliates and subsidiaries to execute these end of programme works to ensure that procurement is properly done in the early stages of the project and then when the time comes for their execution the required resources are available to achieve the PWA’s accelerated timelines



Operating as we do in the construction sector, particularly in the delivery of public works, threats to Quality, Health and Safety and impacts on the Environment are of paramount concern to our organization. Our commitment to mitigating these threats and impacts is ingrained in our Management System and enshrined in our Policies.

Integrated Management Policy

QBS Construction WLL (“QBS”) specializes in management and construction of public infrastructure development projects. We aim relentlessly for excellence in everything we do as an organization to create value for our clients, stakeholders and societies in which we operate.

This aim is underpinned by quantifiable objectives that we have established for our projects and the organization as a whole. While these objectives and the targets associated with them are constantly evolving, alongside our performance reviews, they are rooted in one or more of the following guiding principles:

Identifying, evaluating and mitigating the business, operational, environmental, health, safety and security risks arising from our activities, and ensuring compliance with the applicable requirements, legal or otherwise, associated therewith;

Ensuring the safety and welfare of our personnel, suppliers, stakeholders and the communities in which we execute our works, through our commitment to prevention of injury and ill health;

Satisfying our clients and end-users by delivering Quality work, within Budget and on Schedule, and, exceeding their expectations on these criteria by innovating solutions to challenges and refusing to be bound by past performance and complacent acceptance of what is possible; and Minimizing the environmental impact of our activities and striving to reduce our organization’s ecological footprint, through a commitment to reducing waste and preventing pollution.

We believe these principles to be equal in priority and that none may be compromised or violated to achieve the other.

In furtherance of our commitment to these principles QBS has implemented an independently certified 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 integrated system of management. In order to achieve excellence in everything we do, QBS commits to continuously improving its integrated management system through vigilance, monitoring, assessment and action.

This policy shall be reviewed periodically, based on performance and changes that affect the management system, to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate.

This policy will be brought to the attention of all our employees and other parties working under our control and made available on request to stakeholders in our projects including the general public.

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Those who are looking to realize their full potential will find a home at QBS. We are a dynamic group that rises to the challenge to achieve our goals and targets. We are proud of the role we have played as individuals and as a team in helping to build Qatar.
While we are currently hiring for the following positions, if you think you have what it takes to be a part of the QBS team, please click on the link below to complete a job application form as an opportunity may be just around the bend.

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